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I remember the twinge of excitement that had been coated over my stomach, making my insides feel like they were in a frenzied whirlwind, when I signed my first W4 to become an official employee of Stuart’s Pharmacy, a local hometown pharmacy that would become my first real job at the age of 16. These feelings of excitement and ambition were stunted rather quickly when the true nature of small privately owned pharmacies was opened up to me. The work was a combination of tedious refill after refill and monotonous paperwork of updating and recording our clients, only to ever receive disgruntled and unsatisfactory comments from our patients that their prescription was either wrong, not ready by the time it was dictated it would be, or absent altogether; the message, in my eyes as a firsthand account of what plagues a pharmacy, was exceptionally clear- the system was broken and in desperate need of change and revitalization with this new coming age. As someone who understands what ails the pharmaceutical field, I am also one to recommend what potentially could provide reprieve from these detriments, and what could provide your business with the competitive edge it needs to increase both profit and efficiency, and that system is Rx2Go.

The system of Rx2Go is a relatively new system that has exceeded expectations of its projected growth and development over the course of several years. Although there is now a central hub of pharmaceutical information and commerce in New York City for Rx2Go, the company has delved into the international market, offering its pharmaceutical services on a now global scale. Working alongside the World Health Organization and FDA domestically, Rx2Go is a global conglomerate that specializes in the delivery of pharmaceutical prescriptions on a worldwide scale. The company offers a wide variety of services, which has undoubtedly served as a catalyst for their rampant growth as a network over the last several years.